Eng. Husain Alsafran

Manager, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Pushing Right Design Phase into Project Management

Title of Session

Pushing Right Design Phase into Project Management

Presenter Short Biography

Engineer Husain AL-Safran has a Double Major in Electrical and Computer Engineer and master’s in computer science, both from New York Institute of Technology. Most important he is TOGAF Certified. Started his professional life in academia as an Assistant Professor. In the same time, he was working in Civil Service Commission as a system Integrator. Then he moved to work in The Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) as a Senior Computer Engineer. During this time, AL-Safran has displayed great leadership skills and a unique ability to identify and solve problems. He has been instrumental in setting the studies for many national strategic projects in Kuwait specialized in security, network and e-learning. Now Engineer Husain is involved in many Security initiatives in Kuwait and is a leader of CERT and BCP. On top of that he is part of many International teams. Also continues to build on his academic background and has contributed by writing many papers.
Currently Engineer Husain AL-Safran is consultant at National Cooperation Programme between the General Secretariate of the Supreme Council for Planning and Developmet & UNDP.