Martin Paver

CEO / Founder / Projecting Success Ltd

Machine learning and AI: How will it transform your organisation?

Title of Session

Machine learning and AI: How will it transform your organisation?

Summary of Session

This session will explore how AI, machine learning and advanced data analytics will impact the
future of project management. Martin will draw on his experience acquired from leading a $billion
project, $multi billion PMO and founding the London Project Data Analytics meetup.
Within a recent webinar Gartner forecast that by 2030, 80% of the work conducted by project
management professionals will be performed by machines. Martin will explore whether this is fact or
fiction, working through P3M roles one by one and examining how they will be impacted by new
methods. It is a future that is inevitable, yet full of opportunity. How will you prepare yourself for it?

Presenter Short Biography

Martin Paver is a Registered Project Professional and Chartered Engineer. Martin has had a range of experience including leading a $billion project with a team of 220 and a multibillion PMO with a team of 50. He has a detailed grasp of project management and combines this with a broad understanding of recent developments in the field of data science.
In Dec 2017 he established the London Project Data Analytics meetup, which now has 1800 members. He also set up Project:Hack, a community based hackathon for driving insights out of project data using advanced methods. He is on a mission to ensure that the project management profession readies itself for a transformed future.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will

  • Understand the impact of advanced data analytics on the future of project management.
  • Understand how to leverage the emerging capabilities for the benefit of their
  • Be suitably informed to begin to consider how they prepare themselves for a new future
    and a career that will evolve significantly within the next 5 years.